How much more of gray?

This is my most asked question when I am consulting clients on paint colors.

Now I am by no means a trend forecaster but I do have a lot of experience working with color. And have seen quite a few interiors. I also pay attention to the ways the design industry uses color. 

So, do you want to know what my answer is to this burning question? 

“Do you love gray?” 

That’s my answer.  

Classic evasion! Just kidding! 

But I want my clients to think more about what they love, what they are drawn to, what they want to live with before making decisions based on trends.  


Another observation I’ve made as I talk with homeowners is that collectively most of them have been through the gold, black, red color palette of the early 2000’s and now have been a good 5-8 years following the farmhouse style marked by cooler neutrals. It’s been a natural response to a previous decade of saturated tones and busy paint finishes. Collectively we were ready to clean, clear, reduce, and minimize. So the gray palette has been the solution. However, I’m hearing a new collective sigh for more color. And shelter magazines, Instagram, and blogs are feeding us the new color trends we crave for dusty earth tones, deep jewel like colors, and feminine pastels. 


So back to the original question.  I believe (and I tell my clients), your home is unique. You have preferences. You have a story of how you use your home. Sometimes gray neutrals are the answer, sometimes a certain space needs white walls (that’s a whole other kettle of fish to discuss), or in other instances a room might beg for navy, lavender or teal. 

That’s why I believe color consulting is so important. It’s personal! There isn’t a one-size fits all answer. So let me help you find what’s right for your space. I offer Nashville area color consulting or e-design options. I can create digital color mock ups of your interiors or exterior projects. (See below)

Just email me for more info and rates.